About Us

The Bridge Road International (BRI) Foundation. The Qiaolu Foundation (侨路基金会) is a non-profit organization founded in 2018 by several Chinese American community leaders from Silicon Valley in Northern California. Currently, our organization has two primary objectives that are core to our mission: The first is to promote Sino-US cultural and educational exchanges and to sow the seeds of Sino-US friendship. The second is to improve Chinese American social responsibility, strengthen citizenship, and create a united community that amplifies the needs of our people. Given these objectives, we aspire to discover, bring together, and cultivate Chinese youth with strong leadership capabilities so that they can exert their influence and become the leaders of tomorrow in a variety of industries in the United States.

Bridge Road International (BRI) Foundation


Our Goal

To promote Chinese American social responsibility and community services, and to unite the community for a better society.


Our Mission

To organize local community support activities in response to various community needs, and to coordinate and develop various community forums to address different topics of community concern. Additionally, to also place a special focus on discovering, mentoring, and to cultivate Chinese youth who demonstrate strong leadership potential for future community engagement and responsibility.